Dietary Needs

The dietary department is the second largest department in the facility. Overall, we employ more than 25 people, and we are here daily from 5:00AM to 9:00PM. We serve approximately 600 meals a day, 18,250 meals a month, and 219,000 meals a year! We understand how important nutrition is to your daily life and well-being. We strive to give our residents the best possible nutrition to meet their dietary needs. Many of life’s most memorable moments are centered on eating; our staff takes this to heart and strives to make your dining experience special. We provide traditional holiday fare from hot dogs and hamburgers on July 4th, to turkey complete with all the trimmings on Thanksgiving.

Whenever a new resident is admitted they are given a complete nutritional assessment to determine their individual dietary needs. We take things such as height, weight, age, food preferences and food allergies as well as the resident’s physical condition into careful consideration when completing the assessment. The assessment assists us in determining how our dietary department can best serve each resident’s nutritional needs.

We have several certified dietary managers on our staff as well as a registered dietitian and a consultant dietitian. Every member of our dietary team works together to provide the best possible nutritional care for each and every resident. We are constantly enhancing our dining services to make your dining experience special. We welcome and encourage any suggestions. All residents are encouraged to attend the monthly food committee meeting, the resident’s council meeting or talk directly to any member of the facility’s staff regarding dietary suggestions, requests or concerns.

Award Winning

The AHCA/NCAL National Quality Award has been designed as a progressive three-step process to encourage the continuous learning and development of integrated quality systems to achieve performance excellence. Each progressive step requires a more detailed and comprehensive demonstration of quality integration and performance. The criteria for each step is based on the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program criteria. Silver—Achievement in Quality—Applicants who receive the Silver Award provide an extensive assessment of their systematic approaches, performance measures, and sustainable organizational and process results that are linked to the key customer requirements, success factors, and challenges they identified in previously earning the Bronze—Commitment to Quality Award.

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