A skilled nursing staff is the backbone of our health services and vital to successful outcomes.

Our nurses are skilled, caring and attentive to our resident's needs

We take a modern approach to the care that we provide to our residents. Our approach to providing care is based on the MDS (minimal data set) system, it is the driving force behind resident care assessment and improvement. The system relies on communication between every element of our interdisciplinary team and is managed and fostered by the MDS Coordinator. The MDS coordinator uses an assemessment tool called the RAI (Resident Assessment Instrument) to collect and then review information from every element of the care-giving staff to create a "snapshot" of the resident at any given time. This "snapshot" helps us determine the strengths, areas of need and potential challenges facing both the resident and the care giving staff. Using this assessment to maximum benefit depends on developing a solid baseline assessment and conducting regular follow up evaluations of the care provided to each resident.

MDS Coordinators analyze and help develop relationships between the different members of the care giving team to uncover all available information and discover the connections between what is learned by each staff members experience with the resident. The MDS coordinator provides a hub for all of the avenues for information. The more we know about a resident's condition the more that we can do to provide the best possible care. Finally, the MDS coordinator encourages a diversity in thought and suggests new and facilitates new and alternative ideas from the various disciplines to develop a resident's plan of care. By seamlessly integrating interdisciplinary communication, the flow of information and the development of new ideas and strategies, we are better able to positively deliver the care process.

Our managed care team oversees the initial authorizations for care and negotiates the authorizations with insurance providers for the continued care of each resident. The Managed Care Coordinator conducts ongoing monitoring of the care process to ensure that resident services are maximized to help the resident meet set goals. The Managed Care Coordinator involves the resident, insurance provider and members of the interdisciplinary team to ensure the delivery of the best quality of health care.

Award Winning

The AHCA/NCAL National Quality Award has been designed as a progressive three-step process to encourage the continuous learning and development of integrated quality systems to achieve performance excellence. Each progressive step requires a more detailed and comprehensive demonstration of quality integration and performance. The criteria for each step is based on the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program criteria. Silver—Achievement in Quality—Applicants who receive the Silver Award provide an extensive assessment of their systematic approaches, performance measures, and sustainable organizational and process results that are linked to the key customer requirements, success factors, and challenges they identified in previously earning the Bronze—Commitment to Quality Award.

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